Supporting the Maya Beekeepers

For our Abbey del Sol family in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, community support is a fundamental aspect of our mission. 
We believe in giving back to the local community in multiple ways, one of which involves supporting the invaluable work of the Maya beekeepers in our region. 

Donating honey jars to the Maya beekeepers

In collaboration with our friend Michael A. Maurus, we have established a close partnership with these dedicated beekeepers.
We are honored to contribute to this cause by providing the glass jars that hold the Maya beekeepers’ precious honey. We recognize the importance of not only supporting these local artisans but also promoting the overall conservation of bees, understanding their critical role in our ecosystem. Through our collective efforts, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation for bees and their remarkable contributions to the natural world.

By collaborating with Michael A. Maurus and the Maya beekeepers, and by providing the necessary resources such as glass jars, Abbey del Sol is proud to play a role in nurturing a sustainable and harmonious relationship between the local community, beekeeping traditions, and the preservation of these invaluable pollinators

We offer our guests a unique opportunity to engage with this important cause. During your stay in one of our vacation rental properties, we can arrange for you to connect with Michael A. Maurus and experience firsthand the remarkable work he does alongside the Maya beekeepers.

Imagine having the chance to meet Michael, learn about the Maya beekeeping traditions, and witness the process of bringing their exquisite honey to town. You can participate in educational sessions, explore the beekeeping practices, and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of bees in our ecosystem. This immersive experience allows our guests to become actively involved in the preservation of these vital pollinators.

At Abbey del Sol, we believe in creating memorable experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

By connecting our guests with Michael and the Maya beekeepers, we aim to foster a greater appreciation for the cultural heritage and environmental conservation efforts that are at the heart of our community. Your stay with us becomes an opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause while gaining insights into the remarkable world of bees.

Join us at Abbey del Sol in Puerto Morelos and be a part of this extraordinary journey, where your vacation becomes an avenue for supporting the Maya beekeepers and making a positive impact on the preservation of bees.