Fun Things to do

Contact us to talk about the best activity options for you.

  It is not necessary to book any of your excursions before you arrive at Abbey del Sol.

 Weather can be a factor and schedules are flexible.  Click on photos for more info.


Puerto Morelos is a yoga haven. Our favorite studio is just a block down the street from our office, Sundara Yoga Shala. The yoga studio (or Shala) is screened in and lets in a lovely breeze in the privacy of a fenced garden lot. Rocio and Patti are wonderful instructors for people of all skill…


Puerto Morelos is known for its pristine beach with white sand and warm, clear water. Only a 1/4 mile offshore you find the Great Maya Reef. It is the largest reef system in the Western hemisphere and protects the beach from big waves rolling in. Relax at one of the many beach bars. Rent loungers…


If you think our warm blue waters are impressive from above, wait till you see them from below! We can help set you up with a recommended Dive Shop or Snorkeling Operator.


One of the most popular activities, just 15 minutes north of town, is a visit to the Crococun Zoo.  It is an animal refuge as well as a wonderful place to see and learn about all the animals in the area.


Learn Spanish while immersed in the culture at Puerto Morelos’s own Spanish Language Center, offering a range of classes for everyone from beginners to fluent Spanish speakers. Highly recommended by Abby who has been a student for a number of years. Private lessons or group classes.


The Yucatan Peninsula has more archeological ruins than any other area in the Western Hemispheres – nearly 1200 sites!  Let our office help you arrange a tour!


Cenotes are sinkholes and caves in the limestone bedrock of the Yucatan peninsula. They are filled with cool, crystal-clear water that is very refreshing on a tropical day! Many sites to pick from to have a great adventure. Very unique to this part of the world and not to be missed!


Many fun Adventure Parks are within 30 minutes of our town.  Zip-line thrills or driving an ATV through the jungle.  Swim in a refreshing fresh-water cenote.  See the monkeys and peacocks.


Visit three of the most famous islands on the east side of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cozumel, near Playa del Carmen, the largest and most developed; Isla Mujers, near Cancun; or Holbox, the most secluded and natural island.


Just south of town are the beautiful Botanical Gardens.  Climb high onto a platform in a tree to look out over the jungle and area. See monkeys and other wildlife.


Delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as other interesting things, are offered every Wednesday morning on the side street by the Church on the Main Square. Organized and managed by Lupizz Rojas. Check out her FB page.


The size, the pace, and the warmth of the people all invite the leisurely pace of pedaling to explore, to cover ground, or to get where you’re going while staying fully engaged with your surroundings. Contact Pilar at


Please avoid the two big, gaudy silver stores on the main corners as you come into town. They are not honest and have very high prices for marginal quality goods. Many of our guests have been cheated by them. We recommend Godfather Jewelry, a very small store on the right side of Rojo Gomez as…


Thrill to the world-class acrobatics in a stunning, magical environment. Delicious dinner if you choose.  An experience for all ages just 20 minutes south of Puerto Morelos.