Follow Nancy on a shopping trip to Mexico City.

Join Nancy, the General Manager of Abbey del Sol in Puerto Morelos, as she takes you on a journey through La Ciudadela in Mexico City, a renowned marketplace for authentic Mexican artisan products. Follow Nancy as she explores the diverse range of handmade crafts, from intricate pottery to vibrant textiles, all of which she plans to bring back to Abbey del Sol in Puerto Morelos to decorate the rental units.

Through this video, you will get a glimpse of the rich culture and history of Mexico through its unique and beautiful artisan products. Nancy shares her insights into the importance of supporting local artisans and preserving traditional crafts. You will also get an inside look at Nancy’s process of selecting the perfect pieces to complement the aesthetic of the rental units.

About Puerto Morelos, Mexico:
Puerto Morelos is a charming coastal town located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, approximately 20 minutes south of Cancun. The town is known for its relaxed atmosphere, pristine beaches, and proximity to natural wonders like the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and the Ruta de los Cenotes.

The Ruta de los Cenotes, or the Cenote Route, is a network of natural sinkholes or swimming holes that are found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. These cenotes were formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock, exposing fresh water pools that are often filled with crystal clear turquoise water. The Ruta de los Cenotes is a popular attraction for tourists, as it provides opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and diving in these natural wonders.

Puerto Morelos is located along the Ruta de los Cenotes, and visitors can easily access several cenotes from the town. Most cenotes feature a large freshwater pool surrounded by lush jungle vegetation and is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling.

In addition to the Ruta de los Cenotes, Puerto Morelos is also known for its excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. The town is located near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which is the second-largest coral reef system in the world. Visitors can take a snorkeling or diving trip to explore the vibrant underwater world, which is home to a diverse range of marine life, including colorful fish, turtles, and even sharks.

Overall, Puerto Morelos and the Ruta de los Cenotes offer a unique and authentic vacation experience, with opportunities to explore Mexico’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.