Navigating the Storm: Abbey del Sol’s Commitment to Safety During a Hurricane

At Abbey del Sol we understand the importance of safety and peace of mind, especially during the unpredictable hurricane season.

Abbey del Sol is more than just a vacation rental company; we are a team dedicated to ensuring that even in the midst of nature’s challenges, the safety and comfort of our guests are never compromised.

Proactive Preparation
Our hurricane preparedness begins long before any storm is forecasted. Our maintenance team conducts thorough inspections of all properties to ensure they meet and exceed safety standards tailored to withstand hurricane conditions. This includes reinforcing structures, installing storm shutters, and securing roofs to prevent damage from high winds and heavy rains. By prioritizing these precautions, we ensure that every property is a safe harbor when the weather turns.

Clear Communication
Communication is crucial, and our front office team excels in keeping guests well-informed. As soon as we are aware of a potential hurricane threat, we initiate our communication protocol, updating guests through direct messages, emails, and informative boards located throughout each property. Each suite is equipped with an emergency guide that includes vital information such as emergency contacts, nearby medical facilities, and detailed evacuation routes.

Guest Safety and Comfort
Our staff is actively involved in assisting our guests throughout the hurricane, from securing the premises to ensuring that each unit is well-equipped with essentials.
In the event of an evacuation, our team coordinates transportation to safe locations, assisting every guest in understanding where to go and what to expect. This organized approach minimizes confusion and stress during such critical times.

Post-Hurricane Recovery
After the storm passes, our immediate focus shifts to recovery and restoration. Our maintenance crew swiftly evaluates each property for damage and begins necessary repairs to return each home to its pristine condition. We collaborate with local authorities and contractors to address larger structural issues, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Emotional and Practical Support

We recognize that experiencing a hurricane can be a highly stressful experience. Our management and staff are on hand to offer not just logistical support but also emotional reassurance. We strive to maintain a calm and secure environment, helping guests manage travel disruptions and connect with loved ones.

Whether planning a getaway in the beauty of Puerto Morelos or finding yourself here during a storm, you can be confident that at Abbey del Sol, you are in safe and caring hands.

Your Vacation Team at Abbey del Sol