Soy Puerto Morelos – I am Puerto Morelos:

In Puerto Morelos, being part of the community is not about where you come from, but about how you feel when you’re here. It’s about the memories you make, the friendships you forge, and the love you share for this beautiful town.

These signs show pride and a sense of belonging.

In Puerto Morelos, everyone feels at home. When you hold a sign that says, “Soy Puerto Morelos,” you become part of something special. It doesn’t matter if you are here for a day, a month, or a lifetime. You are welcome, and you belong.

Imagine walking through the town and seeing people holding signs that say, “Soy Puerto Morelos.”
Watch the video and see for yourself.

Watch the video and picture yourself to be in Puerto Morelos saying: “Soy Puerto Morelos”

The Heart of Puerto Morelos

Whether you are a lifelong local, a seasonal snowbird, or a returning guest, the phrase “Soy Puerto Morelos” encapsulates a shared spirit. It’s a declaration of belonging, of finding a piece of paradise that feels like home.

So next time you visit us, grab a sign, take a picture, and say with pride, “I am Puerto Morelos.” Because here, in Puerto Morelos and at Abbey del Sol, we are all family.

Send us the photo of you, your loved ones with the sign and your favorite thing to do in Puerto Morelos and we will feature it on our website and social media.

About the Artist:
Our friend and gifted photographer, Michael A. Maurus, started this project and in his own words: “I realized that the true spirit of Puerto Morelos lay not just in its stunning landscapes but in the vibrant, diverse community that called it home.
I wanted to create something that would celebrate this spirit and tell the stories of the people who make Puerto Morelos special.”

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