Our Partnership with the Maya Beekeepers

At Abbey del Sol, we are excited to announce our collaboration with local Maya beekeepers, Don Israel and Doña Martina. These skilled artisans have been cultivating and preserving the unique tradition of Melipona beekeeping for generations.

Honey filling sation

We have been supporting Don Israel and Doña Martina by providing glass jars for their honey, ensuring that it reaches our guests in the best possible condition. The jars help maintain the honey’s freshness and quality while minimizing plastic use. This partnership aligns with our commitment to sustainability and supporting the local community.

A Visit to the Beekeepers: Abby and Tiff’s Adventure:

To better understand the art of Melipona beekeeping, Abby and Tiff recently visited Don Israel and Doña Martina’s beekeeping operation. We captured the journey on video, offering an inside look at the beekeepers’ traditional methods and the beautiful surroundings in which they work.

What Are Melipona Bees?

Melipona bees, also known as stingless bees, are native to the tropical regions of Mexico and Central America. Unlike their more aggressive counterparts, these bees do not have stingers, making them easier to manage and work with. Their gentle nature has made them a favorite among the Maya people, who have been beekeeping with Melipona for thousands of years.

Melipona bees produce a distinct type of honey that’s thinner and tangier than typical honey. This unique flavor profile, coupled with the bees’ environmental significance, has elevated Melipona honey to a revered status among beekeepers and honey enthusiasts alike.

We are thrilled to announce that Melipona honey is now available at our front office. Next time you’re visiting, be sure to pick up a jar and experience this delicious and unique product for yourself. It makes a perfect gift or addition to your pantry.