Let’s talk about food!

You probably thought that all food in Mexico is spicy. However, that’s not true. Food can be spicy here but not all of it. There are many dishes that do not contain anything spicy so don’t be afraid to try them. Remember that many times you can ask for heat on the side!

Now let’s talk about some meals you have to try if you come to Quintana Roo.


This meal is typical of Quintana Roo and will make you lick your fingers! It is made of corn tortillas fried in butter to inflate them slightly. They are accompanied by lettuce, tomato, onion, shredded Turkey meat (or the one of your election) and avocado.

Royal Crab

This fresh crab is steamed and not available in any other part of Mexico. Its unique taste is ideal for food lovers. This dish is popular on Cozumel, a small island off the coast of Playa del Carmen.

Sea Snail Ceviche

The Sea Snail’s meat is soft and cut into small pieces. With lemon juice, onion and tomato, this ceviche is a real treat. This is special is not easy to find so when you see it on the menu, make sure to ask for it.


You can find these snacks being sold on the beach or outside your local OXXO. They mainly consists of ground wheat mixed with onion, garlic, egg, chicken powder and ground beef broth. Kibis are fried and accompanied with a sauce called xnipec, made of sour orange and habanero. You can order them filled with ground meat, fish, eggs and other sides if you like.

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