Covid-19 Update – Cancellation policy waived

During this difficult time in the world, we want you to know that Puerto Morelos is still the safe, quiet, little town it has always been. Warm weather, soft sand beaches, and the beauty of the Caribbean are still there for your relaxing vacation.

Mexico has closed all hotels on the Maya Riviera until May 31. However, you can still make reservations for any time after May 31. From June 1 to Oct 31 we are waiving our cancellation policy because we know it is an uncertain time and we want you to be as comfortable as you can be planning your much needed get-away.

Our properties are thoroughly cleaned between each guests stay. Our staff observes the common practices of:

  • Wearing face masks
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Having their own hand sanitizer
  • Observing social distancing

There are many world-class hospitals in the Cancun area within 30 minutes of our town. As of 2018, Puerto Morelos has its own small but efficient hospital. Medical care is available if needed.

Please contact our staff with your questions and concerns. At this time Puerto Morelos is not experiencing a high level of infection and we hope it stays that way. Hope to see you soon!

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