Abbey Road – Abby and the Espena family on a transformative Photo Walk of Leona Vicario

Abby and the webmaster for Abbey del Sol, Mark Espena along with his family spent a few hours with Michael Maurus getting to know the people and the culture of Mexico.  For everyone it was a transformative experience.  We realized that as much as we love Puerto Morelos, it is much more a tourist town than we realized.  The little town of Leona Vicario, just 30 minutes in land, is like a different world.  We got out of the car and walked around the neighborhoods meeting people and seeing how they live their everyday life.  Michael gave us a few pointers on how to “see and feel” what is around us and take a more interesting photo.  But the main experience was about the people and the culture.  Lots of smiles exchanged all along the way.  Riding in the bicycle taxis was really a treat.  Wish we had room for those in Puerto Morelos.  And a delicious lunch at a local taco stand.



And then we got to travel into the jungle to the hut that Michael now calls home.  So quiet and peaceful, it was hard to go back to the hustle and bustle of civilization. Michael told us about the jungle and the Mayan people who he lives with in the jungle.  Very enjoyable.


Check out our Activities page for a link to his website.  An experience not to be missed.


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